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Portable water samplerReleased in May 2022

Water sampling - Water quality - Water for your Life

1 Compact size

It is small and light in size of D37×H43cm 11kg, so it is easy to install and move.

In addition, using LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth communication, remote control is possible through a dedicated application.

2 Safety

This not only makes work more convenient, but also reduces the on-site work time, reducing the probability of occurrence of various industrial accidents.

Portable water Sampler Grap sampling
Image 뚜껑 열은 휴대용채수기 뚜껑 열은 휴대용채수기
Cycle accuracy Accurate inaccurate
Concurrency Multiple points at the same time. Difficulty of Simultaneous Sampling
Safety Securing safety through one-time installation in manhole Risk of safety accidents during late night or rain due to opening and closing of manholes more than 12 times in 24 hours
Required manpower in 10 places a pair of two 10 in pairs

3 Applications

It can be used in various fields such as sewage and wastewater treatment facilities, sewage pipeline technical diagnosis, water pollution control agency discharge facilities, lake water, river water, and dams.

  • manholeManhole
  • treatment plantWastewater treatment plants
  • withoutDischarge of illegal pollutants Monitoring
  • riverRiver
  • lakeLake

4 Type

EB350-BT EB350-IoT EB350-CSO EB350-Pro
Image EB350 EB350-IoT EB350-CSO EB350-Pro
"As you wish"
Adjustable date(mmddyy) & time(00:00)
Bluetooth O O O O
WiFi/LTE - O O O
RS485 - - O O
Ultra Sonic Level - - - O
Temp&TDS - - - O
Float Ball Switch - - O -
Bottle 1L x 12ea, 0.5L x 24ea

5 YouTube

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